Quinton Coetzee

Top International Conference Speaker


  • Develop and retain alliances, partnerships, relationships, friendships, contacts.

  • Role-player interdependence determines teamwork success.

  • Develop/support/align your team members if you wish to thrive.

  • Opportunity – recognise, seize and exploit every opportunity.

  • Succeed with the resources you have available.

  • Know your environment – environments change!

  • Creativity, resourcefulness and innovation…

  • Problem solving – identify and deal with problems…NOW!

  • Think differently/out of the box.

  • Customers keep us alive! Value, respect, care for, and protect them.

  • KNOW your customer.

  • GROW your client base.

  • If you’re not growing, you’re dying…!”

  • Change management. Embrace Change!

  • ADAPT OR DIE! Diversification in times of change.

  • Training, skill development, mentorship – become a champion at what you do.

  • Personal Development is a continuous process…

  • What you think is what you become! Confidence in your own abilities…