wp327a256d_02.jpg Quinton uses spectacular visuals (rather than a single written word) to take his audience on a fascinating journey into the African bush. He demonstrates how a San Bushman Tribe (the Company/Group) is able to thrive in a harsh, ever-changing environment (the Marketplace/Workplace) due to a thorough understanding of the wildlife on which they depend (the Income Source/Clients) and the predators with which they compete (the Competition). The message is powerful and riveting and draws parallels between survival in the bush and success in the business world.


Quinton focuses on the timeless ‘Universal Laws of Survival’ – the “must do’s”, “essentials”, “non-negotiables”…the “nuts and bolts”. These are the “basics” that underpin success in any endeavour. These are the undisputed “Laws of Successful Business’.


In a compelling manner, Quinton takes the audience back to the origins of these basics, defines what the basics actually are and proves that enhanced performance and greater success can only be achieved once these basics are firmly in place. Using unforgettable analogies, Quinton vividly drives home the necessity to get “Back To Basics”, both in business and also within our complex personal lives.





wp2e960993_02.jpg Alliances, partnerships, relationships, friendships and contacts – develop and retain them.

Opportunism - learn to recognise, seize and exploit opportunities.

Succeed with the resources you have available.

Know the environment in which you operate – environments change.

Positive attitude.

Creativity, resourcefulness and innovation.

Problem solving - identify the problems exactly, focus on them, deal with them…NOW!

Think differently  – ‘out of the box’.

Our income source keeps us alive - look after it, care for it, protect it.

Grow your income source.

Customers - know, understand and respect your customer.

Change - embrace it. Identify the change and adapt…immediately!

Adapt or Die!


wp59249540_02.jpg Diversification - in times of change.

Training, skill development, mentorship - become a champion at what you do.

Develop other members of the team if you wish to thrive.

Personal development is a continual process.

Confidence in your own abilities.

Backup and support divisions - ‘the Back Office’ – lifeblood of  any team.

Excellent product, service and quality…Always!

Identify the skills/talents/experiences within the team – then apply them to the job.

Product knowledge, product development.

Always go the extra mile and always

exceed plan.



wp2d53ef7b_02.jpg Tools and equipment – care for and know how to use your equipment – properly!

Set attainable goals and objectives – set them high.

Look for … then hunt down your profits!

Planning and strategy.

Obstacles in your way – identify them.

Time management leads to increased productivity.

The Team - efficient, effective, professional, adaptable, disciplined team members.

Speed! Speed! Speed!

Common goal/purpose.

Communication - constant, clear and accurate.

“If You Don’t Make The Difference, You Don’t Matter!”

Setbacks and adversity – put them behind you.


wp401ffd2d_02.jpg Complacency kills – never be complacent.

Never give up – get on with the job!

Focus –  crucial for success. Maintain direction.

Be proactive – think forward – anticipate.

Blame – never blame the equipment/anyone elsetake responsibility and follow through.

Total accountability for your actions.

Demonstrate your capabilities.

Multi-skilling…, empowerment…,  total commitment. “Not my job”.

No free meals on the team.

Marketing, promotion, advertising.

Leadership. Look, act and behave like a leader …always!

Competitors - know who they are. Are they doing something better than you are?

Attitude – a Survival Strategy!

If You’re Not Hunting, You’re Being Hunted!”




Talk Specifications:


Length of presentation: 60 minute breakfast / lunch or conference / seminar slot. Quinton is able to do a shortened

                                        version for before/ after dinner occasions.


Equipment Required:  Large screen, cordless radio lapel microphone and extension cord.